7 Mindblowing animals to follow right now on Instagram

7 Mindblowing animals to follow right now on Instagram

These celebrity animals on Instagram will brighten your day



Your sassiest and most sarcastic work friend in doggo-form. You won’t regret this. Sporting horn-rimmed glasses, she’s better dressed than me at least, and many people I know. She’s frequently called into the HR department for a variety of shenanigans. You’ll want to check yourself, I don’t think I want to spoil it for you?!

Noodles the dog wearing glasses



I feel like he’s flirting with me (full on hitting on me, if I’m honest) in each video. He’s fiery. He calls himself the Bob Ross of dogs, but I’m getting a way more spicy vibe from him. I just noticed one of his pics says #zaddi. Good Lord. Picture a lot of gold chains, and an underbite that won’t quit. You’ll thank me for this.

Agador the Instagram dog wearing glasses and gold chains



This elegant gentleman is a head turner; he’s a gorgeous cane Corso so you can expect some soft jowls and soulful eyes. Lots of videos and pictures of this cutie and his brother Osso. Expect to be delighted and see how lovely this big breed of doggo is!

Rooster and Osso the cane corso brother dogs on Instagram



This dog… oh boy. Her owner is Abby Jimenez, an author. She’s got this amazing account for Tess – and also one for her brother, Stuntman Mike (he’s next). What got me about them was Abbie reading mean comments about Tess and Stuntman Mike from their viral videos. You must get in on this.

Tess the hunting dog wearing a bandana


Stuntman Mike

Brother to Tess as above… this dog will charm you senseless. Typically his tongue is poking out – I don’t really know why he does it, but I’m pretty into it. My God, I just learned that he got his name from a Quinton Tarantino movie, and I’ve fallen even deeper in love, just so we’re clear.

Yorkie dog wearing a tie



Sheldon Spencer Piggie

Pivoting here… if you’re not familiar with skinny pigs… cozy up for a story. Boy, they are cute. They’re quite similar to guinea pigs, but they only have hair on their feet and noses. Their account is full of cuteness that will make you smile and also make you wonder if you’re seeing a real live “mini hippo”. Fans of skinnies tend to call them house hippos, and you’ll see why.

Sheldon and Spencer the skinny pigs are looking at a piece of cake



Now we’re getting funky up in here… with dancing chickens. And you’re welcome. There some catchy beats in the background on this account, so it’ll hype you up. I feel like very suddenly chickens with moves have really gotten popular. It may have happened a while ago without my noticing though. Either way, I’m into it.these dancing chickens are staring right into the camera


I hope you follow some of them and get the same joy I do!

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