Dog on a bench at a dog friendly patio

8 Amazing Dog Friendly Places to Hang Out

Looking for somewhere dog friendly to meet up?

Look no further, I've got you covered with a list of dog friendly pubs and cafes throughout North America. In no particular order because they all look awesome.


d.b.a east village - 41 1st Ave, New York

They have craft beer, spirits and games; also has a happy hour Monday to Friday 12pm to 8pm.... wait, that's a long happy hour - I'll be right back.... kidding, I'm still here. The vibe looks super fun and they have lots of great reviews and a diverse looking menu. 

woman and her dog sitting on the patio at a dog friendly bar in New York

Dog sitting at the bar in a dog friendly pub in New York

2 Harlem Public3612 Broadway, New York

Should be noted, it's patio dining and casual street seats (no indoor); I'm telling you, I am drooling like a mastiff over here from the photos, yikes. Known for their burgers, wings and more, one of the wing flavours is an apricot wheat bbq (and should not be writing this before I've had breakfast).

A glowing review from Alexandra reads "Harlem Public is not only a great restaurant/bar to eat and drink at, but one of my favorite parts is that they are SUPER dog-friendly!! Love bringing my dog, Chewbacca, here! Staff always brings water out for the pup and everything. Grab a beer, a burger with your dog... can't beat that!!!"

I believe I will have to run right out there (I live in Toronto by the way) and order some mozzarella sticks 

A pair of hands showing tasty looking mozzarella sticks at Harlem Public, an eatery in New York

3 Bring Your Dog Cafe - 9 Richwill Rd, Hamilton, ON Canada

This looks like a very fun spot; there is actually onsite grooming you can book too. You could absolutely plan to spend a couple hours on a rainy day when you want your dog to be able to play without getting soaked. The menu is varied, from egg sandwhiches to wings so there is something for everyone. The owner's dog Dexter sounds like a delight! Be sure to say hello when you see him.

4 Cafe23 - 728 Queen St West, Toronto ON Canada

Featuring popular DeMello coffee and award winning butter tarts, this spot looks beautiful AND delicious. There is an upstairs patio with a garden and looks out onto the city (check out their photos in their Instagram, so pretty).

Your man holding his dog at Cafe23, a dog friendly cafe in Toronto

5 Left Field Brewery - 36 Wagstaff Drive and 40 Hanna Ave Toronto Canada

This one is located in the Leslieville hood of Toronto, near Greenwood dog park - that's perfect to give them some exercise and then go relax . There's also a new location in Liberty Village, another bustling and fun area in Toronto. This brewery is drinks only, but they don't mind if you bring food along with you.

Basset Hound dog wearing a hot dog costume outside of LeftField Brewery which is a dog friendly place in Toronto

6 Mesa Grill - Sedona Arizona USA 2250 89A Sedona

There are also vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, plus lots of other fabulous looking things. Not only are they proudly dog friendly, the views look incredible. 

Bowl of chili and cheese at dog friendly restaurant Mesa Grill in Sedona, Arizona

7 Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria - 137 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg Canada

I absolutely love empanadas... and they have them. AND pizza... and Cuban Melts... and I could go on, but I won't so you can check them out. It has a large patio with string lights and tons of ambiance where your doggo can join you.

8 The Barking Dog Alehouse - 705 NW 70th St, Seattle USA

They even have a particular charity they donate to and promote dog welfare in their community. 


In the next coming weeks I'll be deep diving into dog friendly pubs in specific cities; as well as some super cute pets out there in the wilds of the internet that you won't want to miss!

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