Wiener Dog Gift Ideas

Maybe I don't say this enough.

I. Love. Dogs.

“You can trust your dog to guard your house but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich.” - Unknown

I probably follow 45 different dog (and other animal) groups.... some are rescue groups, some are for memes (bring on them memes!) and some are for posting pics and talking about them (Toofers on FB makes me smile daily) like they're a local celebrity.... and really, they kind of are.


When I'm commuting with my kiddo (he's 6.5) I spend so much time pointing at other cars - Jack Jack - there's a cute pupper in there! Making him look at dogs being walked on the sidewalk.... dogs in videos.... I may be a touch obsessed. And I'm good with that!

“I once decided not to date a guy because he wasn’t excited to meet my dog. I mean, this was like not wanting to meet my mother.” — Bonnie Schacter

 Sometimes I just want to do a little retail therapy. And honestly sometimes it helps to by for someone else (like a dog, or someone else's dog, or for a dog lover I know, I don't feel so bad for spending money!)

So what are these Dachshund gifts I speak of....

 Shoes for Dachshund lovers!

I'm loving this brand, and these shoes are killllinnggggg it. So comfy and adorable. True Love Soles Co really did a great job.


A coaster with a wiry looking sausage dog!

Not all weiner dogs look the same, and here's an adorable coaster to use while your chilling with your pet.

 Feeling like sassing up an outfit? Sausage dog cufflinks.... dang!

Charlie Doodle has unique pet gifts, and these cufflinks do not disappoint. How sweet are these?! They're silver plated in cute glass domes. I think I'm going to have to rock them...

 Is there a lover of miniature Dachshunds in your life? This mug is it

Also a bit sassy..... I would like to parade this mug around the office and I don't even have a miniature Dachshund

 How about some Doxie themed stickers and decals

Perfect for making your laptop or tumbler really YOU. How cute are these. They're waterproof and have just the right amount of attitude!


 Putting myself in the mix with a sausage dog blanket

I think summer or winter, a cozy fleece blanket can always come in handy. Curl up on the couch with it, put it on the grass or beach for a picnic... it's so versatile! Customize it with your dogs names for an added touch.

 Penguin Lane has very sweet Dachshund themed ornaments, mugs and tees. 

Check out this doxie inspired mug for miniature Dachshund fans. You can customize it for moms or dads by the way. Take a deeper dive for the tees and Christmas ornaments... they will not disappoint!


Have you thought of a Dachshund themed nursery?

So cute and elegant, this is a super soft and sweet minky fleece blanket. I love the different types of Dachshunds on it, and the floral combination. 


A proper conversation piece... a mini glass Dachshund hand made figurine

Perfect for a figurine collector or any Dachshund lover, the attention to detail is so precious in this glass figure.

A sketch of an adorable sausage dog

Visit Shannon's Art Shop for a 5 x 7 print of this sweet doxie. You'll make someone (or yourself) very happy when you see these eyes!



Take a peek at this retro, funny Weiner dog sweatshirt!

Perfect for the summer evenings, or any time of year... showing off your love for the sassy little weiner dog is always in fashion.


You can personalize a mug and coaster set

So lovely... you can customize this set with their names for such a personal touch. With hand drawn artwork, you can also select your font options!


 Custom Japanese name art for a unique gift!

So pretty; there are both canvases and digital downloads for you to order with your pet's names. Eye catching as a gift or for your home decor


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